Caracter Creation

Character Details

  1. As part of the characters’ back story, each player will write as little or much as they would like about where their character came from and where they are going in this campaign. From this back-story, adventure hooks will be extracted and built into the game so that the character is completely tied into the campaign.
  2. Each player will complete and return to the DM, the 10 questions worksheet. This adds another layer of building into the world characteristics of your character concept.
  3. In addition to 1&2 above, please write a narrative (short or long) stating how you first met Hollingsworth Wyynbow and how it was that he came to save your life. You haven’t been in touch for the last few years, and are looking forward to the opportunity to visit him. Share this with no other player as it will be revealed during gameplay. Be as creative here as you would like, creativity will be greatly rewarded.
  4. All characters will start at level 3; this is to facilitate the fact that your characters already have some experience adventuring in the world.
  5. We will be adding the honor option to character stats. Honor in this campaign will be used to track status. In Midgard reborn, status is a matter of public importance, and the setting assumes that PCs will come from different stations, social classes, and backgrounds. This social standing is reflected in the optional Status(honor) attribute. This attribute is generated at character creation like ability scores, but can fluctuate considerably more than the other scores.
  6. Your starting city cannot be Zobek; however you are free to choose any other from atlas or even invent one of your own. Also, if it works for your character concept, your character is free be headed to Zobek to start a new life in the free city. A new life in Zobek is the dream of many who still live in feudal empires and it is often stated around the area, “All roads eventually lead to Zobek, the city of the free.”
  7. This is a high magic campaign and as level 3 characters, the Dungeon Master’s Guide states that in a high magic world character levels 1-4 start out with normal starting equipment and gold. You will however, have the opportunity to start acquiring wealth and items very early in the game.
  8. Your characters have never met unless you are creating them with a specific concept in mind. As a whole group, this campaign is what brings you together.
  9. Items can only be purchased that are available at merchants or dealers in your present locale. This means you can’t flip open the book and buy anything that you want.
  10. Full Encumbrance Rules; full HP at each level.
  11. One of my goals in this campaign is to make it more challenging. As a result, I will not call for knowledge or perception checks. You must remember to do this own your own.
  12. Death is mostly permanent. Resurrection could be possible; however, it is rare and costly and should this option be pursued is a story-line all its own.
  13. Please submit 1,2, & 3 as soon as possible. A final review of your character sheet/hero lab file will also be conducted prior to game start.

Campaign Details

Our adventure begins in the posh village of Wallowsford Wine Village, about a day’s travel from Zobek by horse. This village serves as a small resort getaway for the rich and aristocratic. You have recently been contacted by letter from a dear old friend, Hollingsworth Wyynbow who has spent considerable resource trying to track you down. Having lost track of him for the past several years, you are eager to catch up and hear new tales of his adventures and spin new tales of your own.

Midgard Details

While the campaign setting is being “borrowed”  from the Midgard Campaign setting in order to draw from a plethora of resources to support the Phoenix Odyssey Storyline, much of the history and atlas have been extensively modified. As such, any of the written history  available will be of little to no use in this campaign.  There are a few resources that would be of use during character creation.

  1. Midgard Heroes for 5e (available as a pdf and as part of the community add-on for herolab. The only 2 races that will not be available are the Shadow Fey and the Darakhul as neither is present in the world cosmology yet. Should your character wish to become Darkhul, this can be facilitated at the appropriate time in the campaign.
  2. Midgard Unlikely Heroes for 5e is also an option, but should you pick a race from this resource, your path will be extremely difficult on society and will have to follow some pathway to redemption as this is not an evil campaign.

Herolab Details

Make sure the following are checked:

  • Advancement: Milestone
  • Use  Honor
  • Max HP’s at new levels.

  • Make sure the midgard options are checked. In the community build, there are lots of other sources; please check with the DM if you pick something not in the official rulebooks or the approved Midgard source books listed above.

Caracter Creation

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