Coming in 2017, another Epic fifth edition campaign brought to you by Big Sky RPG

I am fury

It’s only been a few short years since Zobeck won its independence at the Battle of Oros Bridge, becoming “Zobeck, The City of the Free”. While surrounding aristocracies continue to rage against the revolt, refusing to acknowledge the new city state’s right to exist, the hostile nations that border Zobeck seem content, if not amused to allow its existence for the moment.

I am wrath

But an old enemy emerges from the shadow, as one man’s quest for vengeance threatens to rip apart the entire world. The discovery that has often been called one of the greatest tragedies of a lifetime, was merely treachery disguised as tragedy, ignites a fire that portends to consume the entire crossroads. Revenge is an act of passion, but vengeance is of justice; and while injuries are revenged, crimes must be avenged.

I am vengeance

Greatness is forged out of the flames of adversity and if ever Midgard Reborn ever needed heroes it is now. Who will rise to meet the challenge and trade sweat and blood for fame and fortune? Who would sacrifice to have their deeds lauded and rewarded by Kings- exploits chronicled by historians and bards? The Phoenix Odyssey Campaign awaits!

About the Campaign

The Phoenix Odyssey is a new campaign that is being played against the backdrop of the re-imagined realm of the Midgard Campaign Setting from Kobold Press. It is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition epic saga, that is built 100 percent upon player agency. The setting is being reborn due to the actions of the heroes.

The Phoenix Odyssey Campaign

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